Premier Inn Breakfast Times & Menu

Premier Inn Breakfast Times & Menu: The Premier Inn breakfast menu is an exciting development for the chain, which aims to cater to all tastes and preferences. The hotel chain is committed to offering healthy, fresh food that will boost the customer experience. The selection has something to offer everyone, from vegans to meat-eaters. You’ll be able to enjoy a vegetarian or vegan option at the Premier Inn. Plus, children under 16 can have free breakfast every morning.

What time is Premier Inn breakfast?

Premiere Inn Breakfast times are from 5:30 am to 10:30 am and on weekends it’s from 6 am to 11 am.

If you’re looking for the best hotel deals, the Premier Inn is the place to go. This brand has several locations across the UK. In addition to its hotel and restaurant menus, it also offers some great benefits for its guests. You can check out the reviews on its website. You can also learn more about Premier Inn breakfast times and menu through this article.

premier inn breakfast times

Premier Inn Breakfast Times

All Premier Inns serve breakfast, but you should make sure that they serve breakfast before you arrive. Some of them have a different breakfast menu, and Premier Inn breakfast hours may differ as well. While most hotels offer a full breakfast, some have limited options. To avoid disappointment, always check the hotel’s website or ask the concierge for details. However, it is worth noting that they do cater great food for their guests.

DayBreakfast Opening TimeBreakfast Closing Time
Monday5:30 am10:30 am
Tuesday5:30 am10:30 am
Wednesday5:30 am10:30 am
Thursday5:30 am10:30 am
Friday5:30 am10:30 am
Saturday6:00 am11:00 am
Sunday6:00 am11:00 am

Premier Inn Breakfast Menu & Price

As part of their commitment to providing a variety of diets, the group is also making the breakfast menu more accessible for people with food allergies. For people with food allergies, it’s recommended to mention them when ordering and ask the staff to adjust the menu accordingly. The restaurant will also provide a comprehensive nutritional guide to guests. It’s a great way to start the day. The vegan and vegetarian options are available at the majority of Premier Inn hotels, but they may differ in price and time.

Unlimited Continental Breakfast – Starts from £6.99 per person

Unlimited Continental Breakfast

Menu Items

Pain Au Chocolat



Chocolate Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

Sliced breadWhite



American style buttermilk pancakes
Preserve, spreads & jamsHazelnut Chocolate Spread





Maple Syrup

Peanut Butter

FruitsA Selection of Whole Fruits

Fresh Fruit Salad

Red Berry Mix

Yoghurts & cerealsSpecial K



Rice Krispies

Coco Pops




Yeo Valley® Fat-Free Greek-Style Yoghurt

Yeo Valley® Organic Strawberry Yoghurt

Unlimited drinksPG Tips® Tea (Variety of flavours)

Costa® Coffee

Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Drinks

Unlimited Cooked Breakfast – Starts from £9.50 per person

Unlimited Cooked ItemsBack Bacon Rashers

Premium Sausages

Veggie Sausages

Eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, or boiled)

Hash Browns

Black Pudding

Closed Cup Mushrooms

Halved Grilled Tomatoes

Baked Beans

Unlimited Continental BreakfastBakery

Sliced bread

American style buttermilk pancakes

Preserve, spreads & jams


Yoghurts & cereals

Unlimited drinks

Unlimited drinksPG Tips® Tea (Variety of flavours)

Costa® Coffee

Fruit Juices and Fruit Juice Drinks

unlimited cooked breakfast menu includes croissants, pain au chocolat, bagels, crumpets, and unlimited drinks. The unlimited continental breakfast also includes sliced bread, muffins, Yoghurts, & cereals. It is also possible to order a continental meal at a Premier Inn hotel. A full breakfast is available for those who are staying for a longer period of time. The kids’ menus will include everything from fruit salads to cereals to yogurts.

Not all Premier Inns offer the same breakfast menu. Some have different prices and times. If you’re a vegan, it might be best to specify your needs to the restaurant staff. For instance, if you’re a vegetarian, you can order vegan sausage as an alternative to traditional sausage. Alternatively, you can order the vegan version of the full-cooked breakfast. You can also ask for a vegetarian or vegan-friendly option on the breakfast menu.

Breakfast Time at Premier Inn: A Morning Delight

At Premier Inn, breakfast is not just a meal; it’s a morning delight that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Join us as we explore the culinary journey that awaits you at breakfast time in Premier Inn, from the extensive menu choices to the commitment to quality and the convenience that defines the experience.

A Gourmet Start to Your Day

Introduction to Premier Inn’s Breakfast Experience

Premier Inn welcomes you to a gourmet start to your day with a breakfast experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to providing a delightful morning meal is evident in every aspect of the breakfast service.

Extensive Menu Choices

Dive into our extensive breakfast menu that caters to all tastes and preferences. From hearty English breakfasts to lighter options like yogurt and fresh fruit, Premier Inn ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Quality Ingredients, Exceptional Flavors

Quality is our priority at Premier Inn. Every ingredient is chosen with care, ensuring that your breakfast is not only nutritious but bursts with exceptional flavors. We believe in making your morning meal a highlight of your stay.

Catering to All Tastes and Preferences

Healthy Breakfast Options

For those who prefer a healthier start, Premier Inn offers a range of nutritious options. From granola and yogurt to freshly squeezed juices, our healthy breakfast choices cater to your well-being.

Indulgent Choices for Every Craving

Craving something indulgent? Premier Inn has you covered with a selection of mouth-watering pastries, pancakes, and other treats that make your morning meal a delightful experience.

Premier Inn’s Commitment to Freshness

Farm-Fresh Produce

Freshness is the cornerstone of Premier Inn’s breakfast offerings. Our commitment to sourcing farm-fresh produce ensures that every bite is a testament to quality and taste.

Bakeries Crafting Morning Delights

Step into our bakeries where morning delights are crafted with precision and passion. From warm croissants to freshly baked bread, our bakers ensure that your breakfast experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Convenience Meets Culinary Excellence

Efficient Ordering Process

Experience the convenience of an efficient ordering process at Premier Inn. Our user-friendly system ensures that you can place your breakfast order seamlessly, allowing you to focus on enjoying your meal.

Breakfast on the Go

For those on a tight schedule, Premier Inn offers breakfast on the go. Grab a coffee and a breakfast sandwich to start your day right, even when time is of the essence.

Affordable Luxury for Your Mornings

Value-Packed Breakfast Deals

Luxury doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Premier Inn’s value-packed breakfast deals ensure that you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast without breaking the bank, making every morning a special occasion.

Gourmet without Breaking the Bank

Indulge in the finer things in life without worrying about the cost. Premier Inn’s commitment to providing gourmet breakfast options at reasonable prices ensures that your mornings are filled with affordable luxury.

Customer Stories and Recommendations

Real Experiences, Real Satisfaction

Discover what our customers are saying about their breakfast experiences at Premier Inn. Real stories, real satisfaction – explore how our breakfasts have become a cherished part of their stay.

Memorable Mornings with Premier Inn

Join the ranks of those who have transformed their mornings with Premier Inn. Hear stories of how our breakfast offerings have added a touch of luxury to their stay, making each morning memorable.

Specialty Breakfast Events

Seasonal Extravaganzas

Premier Inn goes beyond the ordinary with seasonal breakfast extravaganzas. Explore limited-time offerings and themed breakfast events that add a dash of excitement to your mornings.

Limited Edition Breakfast Delights

Stay tuned for our limited edition breakfast delights, where innovation meets tradition. Premier Inn continually surprises with unique and exclusive breakfast options that elevate your stay.

Beyond the Morning Hours

Late Breakfast Options

Can’t make it in the early hours? Premier Inn has you covered with late breakfast options, ensuring you can enjoy our delectable dishes at a time that suits you.

Breakfast-Inspired Lunch Choices

Extend the breakfast joy into your lunch with our breakfast-inspired lunch choices. Premier Inn’s menu transcends traditional boundaries, allowing you to enjoy breakfast flavors throughout the day.

About Premier Inn

In 2017, Premier Inn was named the UK’s best hotel chain based on customer reviews. The chain has 750 hotels and more than 72,000 rooms. Its customers are often pleased with its excellent value and high-quality service. The UK’s largest hotel network features more locations than any other chain in the country, with convenient locations near major attractions and transport hubs.

A Premier Inn hotel offers a wide range of accommodations. Most of its rooms have a private bathroom, a Hypnos(r) bed, a TV with Freeview, and a free Wi-Fi connection. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and includes an extensive breakfast menu. A typical hotel will have three or four restaurants, depending on the size of the hotel. The dining options range from traditional pub fare to gourmet options in restaurants in the city.

Premier Inn Customer Support

Feedback Page: secure2.premierinn.com/gb/en/feedback-form/feedback.html

Hotel List and Address: www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels.html

Contact/Booking Number: 0333 003 8101
Mon to Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Final Words

A Premier Inn hotel is a good place to go; they offer the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner for their guest. The Premier Inn is a very popular hotel in the united kingdom, and the staff at the hotel are very friendly. Besides this, the hotel also offers good food and service.

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Premier Inn Breakfast FAQ

What time does premier inn breakfast start?

Premier Inn breakfast times start from 5.30 until 10.30 in the morning during weekdays. On weekends, they’ll serve breakfast from 6.00 up to 11.00.

How much is premier inn breakfast?

The full Premier Inn Breakfast cost starts from £9.50, or you can have an alternative that is lighter and continental, starting from £6.99.

Is it cheaper to pre-book breakfast at Premier Inn?

There is no difference in the price of breakfast when you pre-book online or at the hotel reception.

Can I cancel Premier Inn breakfast?

If you have booked your reservation at a Premier Inn hotel, the cancellation policy will depend on the terms of your reservation. Some hotels do not allow you to make any changes to your reservation after you have paid. So please contact premier inn customer service.




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